Larnaca Airport Guide to Larnaca Airport - LCA

Parking to Larnaca Airport

For those who may need to park their car in Larnaca Airport parking facilities, these are the zones where the parking lots are located in and the main features of every single one of them:

- Short Stay: The Short stay car parking is located within a few minutes’ walk, since it is the closest from the main terminal. It is the most suitable option if you are planning to leave your car parked for few hours or you need to receive a friend or familiar. It is an uncovered self-parking and is frequently surveyed. 

- Long Stay: Regarding long-term options, you can find a couple of car parking to leave your car according to time and further preferences: 

Covered: The Covered long-term parking has some lots nearby the airport terminal, one in the first roundabout premises and the last one at the airport facilities’ entrance. It is a covered self-parking and is frequently surveyed. You can pre-book your stay in order to get better fares. 

Uncovered: About the long stay uncovered parking, it is located within the Short stay car parking and in a few minutes from the airport terminal. It is the quickest and low-cost parking. It is an uncovered self-parking and is frequently surveyed.

Disabled parking spaces

For physically challenged passengers there are a total of 22 parking spaces located in front of the terminal building. To be able to park in them, you’ll need to possess the Blue Parking Card. 

On the other hand, see above the available disabled parking spaces in the regular car parking lots in Larnaca Airport:

- Short stay: 22 spaces.
- Long Stay Covered: 6 spaces.
- Long Stay Uncovered: 22 spaces. 

Drop off & Pick up

If you’re planning to pick up or drop off a passenger, there is an available drop off and pick up located opposite the terminal building. It is free of charge and you can stay up to one minute. 

Regarding disabled passengers, there are drop off and pick up designated spaces on the drop-off road. There is a five minute restriction.